Friday, 7 September 2012

Accessory inspiration..

 We love a good, hand made quality accessory, especially one with a beautiful story behin it...20 years ago Ale Sly left her home town, London in search of Adventure in South America. With her Argentine husband and 2 small children they started a new life on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
After traveling and exploring the country extensively with in no time Ale Sly became fascinated by all the indigenous cultures rich in tradition and colour. Discovering beautiful textiles and leathers along the way in markets stalls high up in the Andes and Rodeos where proud Gauchos would parade their horses dressed in Rawhide and Silvery finery, it was enough to set the ball rolling and with in no time the ALE SLY range was born. For the last 15 years she has designed and sold her accessories in many countries around the world mainly concentrating in England. It is of huge importance that each product is made by hand using noble materials that Argentina represents i.e. Leather, Alpaca wool and Horn. Beautiful patterned cowhides, leathers and textiles are used with traditional gaucho rawhide braiding to stitch together Bags, belts cushions and old fashioned looms are used for the weaving of rugs and carpets.
The strong Vibrant colours and the carefree spirit of each article is a reflection of the influence that living in South America has had on her over these last 20 years.
Each product is unique, special and tell its own story.

Where to get it..

This is  an Ale Sly exclusive bag for Opening Ceremony...take a look here for more styles and an interview with Ale Sly herself.

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