Wednesday, 14 March 2012

17th Century Inspiration

We Love: These  inspiring abstract paintings. Though they have been compared to more modern works from artists such as Paul Klee and Kazimir Malevich they are in fact works created by  Hindu tantra divotees from various northern Indian cities, and are a pictoral tradition dating back to 1600.
The art works, painted on salvaged paper a foot high, enchanted  French poet Franck Andre Jamme , who spent years tracking them down across the deserts of Rajasthan befriending tantrikas in order to  understand their meditative art form.
The works were exhibited in Paris in 1994 where Jamme wrote:
“Perhaps rarely in the universal history of painting have works at once so mysterious and simple, yet so powerful and pure, ever been produced — a bit as if, here, man’s genius had been able to assemble almost everything in almost nothing.”

They have now come into print in “Tantra Song” (Sigolo)

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