Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Around Town

Out and about on a lovely tour this morning I was lucky  enough to come across the work of Maarten De Ceulaer in one of my favourite design stores here Open House, De Ceulaer  trained as an interior designer before deciding to concentrate more on objects. Open House is one of the few places to be showcasing his balloon bowls, of course I fell in love with the colours their organic shapes as well as the shiny smooth surfaces! Having investigated his work further I discovered his pile of suitcases project, and loved the concept and colours. He vision of design is as follows " to use my work to tell stories, to stir people's emotions, to tickle their imagination or to make them wonder. A project can result from an observation of the society around me, or a reaction on something that simply crosses my path, but can as well be the expression of a very personal thought or feeling that I want to communicate to the world. I want to explore materials, and investigate and play with production techniques and crafts. Some projects are more functional in the traditional way, while others perform a function on a different level, the emotional aspect of objects is of equal importance"...

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