Friday, 27 April 2012

5 Questions with Oscar

Antiques and Boutiques are happy to launch their first in a series of interviews we have been doing with designers and makers from Barcelona and beyond. Giving us a chance to ask those makers that inspire us about themselves and their work. To begin our series we have asked our favourite local tailor Oscar.H.Grand to answer 5 questions for us. He also kindly let us into his workspace and shop to take some pictures of him at work. Here is what we asked him.. 

How did you get to where you are today?
Now much of what I do is  made to measure, suits and the like. This  aspect  of my work is always becoming more important, though it wasn't always like this, but the demand for tailor made clothing has become so high that I adapted to this way of working, a smaller but more specialised market. So I've arrived at this point where I am today, from the fruits of experience and an ever growing appreciation of the artisan product.

What inspires you?
When I was studying I was inspired by designers  that I loved…Yamamoto, Margiela etc, but in time I stopped following the collections and focused more on classical menswear design. Pieces that we are all are all familiar with  such as bomers,  levi’s jackets and the English trench, I began reproducing them in a contemporary way and with a personal touch.

What is your ethos?
It is to stay small, to have a shop in which the quality of product can grow but not the quantity. So that it can be controlled without stock, but continuously making new garments. And of course to remain independent, which is very important and what I find most appealing and consistent with my way of living and thinking.

Describe yourself in 5 words..
Persistent, intuitive, empathetic, energetic, subtle.

What is your favourite Barcelona spot?
I love the Caixa Forum, besides being a  beautiful building (a former textile factory from the early 20th century designed by Puig i Cadafalch) there have been wonderful art exhibitions there which are free any day of the week.
Right now there are two magnificent exhibitions showing the work of Delacroix and Goya, a real luxury!

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