Saturday, 31 March 2012

A colourful tale about Tuna all started when I found these beautiful old colourful rosettes and ribbons on the market..

Then took a closer look and seen that they have messages written all over them which look like little love notes and sweet nothings...

After some investigation I discovered that these rosettes belonged to Spanish university 'Tuna' groups ...wandering musicians who would entertain and then romantically serenade the ladies they were wooing from underneath their windows and balconies. Traditionally the 'Tuna' groups wear a uniform  derived from the Iberian students from the 16th and 17th centuries - one of the important garments for the uniform is a long, loose, sleeveless cloak with an open front worn over the clothing. Adorning the cloak are the seals and shields of the cities and countries that the tuno collect from all over the world and multi coloured ribbons, expressing affection, feelings or love. These ribbons are typically presents from sweethearts, friends or relatives and are worn trailing from the colourful rosettes. 

These rosettes date back to 1973 and here are some of the lovely messages that are written on them translated from Spanish. 

'You have that voice that when you sing them luisillo you steal their hearts'

'you are so lovely and elegant...think of me when you sing'

'you love to speak and can't be quietened... dress yourself for the 'tuna'  and go under the balcony to sing'

'how happy he in water'

Also...just after finding them and finding out about their story..I found a 7 inch record of the music and a lovely cover with the 'Troubadours' in full costume. 

Its amazing what kind of adventure a few lovely old ribbons from the market can take you on...

...and where you can take them to

this is one idea...

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